“A perfect thing for cosmetic minimalists…”


“Stone care is not only a form of relaxation but also offers cleansed and smoothed skin”


“…it’s an interesting, unconventional scrubbing method”


„The stone is great, it exfoliates dead epidermis better than my scrub, which so far I thought to be the best. It gently massages and smoothes face skin.”


“Dry epidermis has been removed in a gentle way, without irritation. The skin is cleansed, softer and ready to absorb moisturiser.”


“After just the first use I saw the effect – the skin was smooth, pleasant – so fresh – to the touch (…). Perfectly glides over the skin – effectively exfoliating, and at the same time , being extremely gentle on the skin (I will never understand how it works!). Using it is pure pleasure. “


“I think that the scrubbing stone is very pleasant and easy to use (…) In addition, it is quite elegant in the bathroom on a glass stand “


“I’ve been using stone for two weeks and it is the best natural scrub. After applying I feel like I was after a microdermoabrasion in a beautician;) I recommend to all who have sensitive skin for chemical scrubs from drugstores “

daria j/ client of drogeria-ekologiczna.pl

“I can honestly say that the stone with natural soap or cleanser is more effective than traditional scrubs, even enzymatic ones. I am fascinated with its simplicity, great results and the price (…) One stone replaces sponges, brushes and gloves and it doesn’t wear or lose its properties.”


“These stones are indestructible. If we don’t break them with a hammer, they will be usable for years!”


“Soaped stone has a number of advantages, it is innovative, can be used all over the body and it does not wear. If we soak it with organic soap, we can perform entirely natural body scrubbing. It is practical, we can take it on a trip, and not worry that it will pour off.”


“Both scrubbing stone and soap – revelation! The small stone is brilliant for heel care (the effects can be seen just after one use), and the soaps are so delicate that you can easily wash your face, which is not as dried, as after some gels. “

Edyta M./ kremoteka.pl

“My skin is sensitive, this product did not sensitize or irritate me (…) You definitely should not compare it to pumice stone because it is much more delicate and gentle (..) This innovative Scrubbing stone really works and effectively exfoliates dead skin. After a few applications, I noticed a significant improvement in the condition of my skin.”


“I’ve been looking for a perfect facial scrub for a long time. Almost found, however, the downside was, of course, that one day it ends and you have to throw away the plastic tube and buy a new one. This stone beats all the scrubs I used, it can be used with a bar soap, and it is cheap and durable. I strongly recommend!”

Kamila G/ client of drogeria-ekologiczna.pl

“The biggest advantage will be efficiency, because the stone will allow us to get rid of all dry skins. In this respect, it really stands out from other scrubbing products – after all, it is not a cosmetic 😀 After just one treatment, we see a huge difference – especially when applying the foundation. Just foundations look on the skin really better”

Alina / alinarose.pl

“Pierre de Plaisir scrubbing stone makes our skin beautiful and smooth, and additionally it is a design element in our bathroom.”


“After such treatment the skin looks healthy and has a nice colour. Massage makes you feel very relaxed and blissfully calm.”


“After using the product, the skin becomes brighter and silky. There are no barbs, which are frequently present after using a sharp pumice.”


“…the stone works as if by magic”


“So far, I have met many face cleansing products from salt sugar peels to granular, enzymatic and other … but I’ve never scrubbed my face with a stone before … and I regret that I started so late.”

Dorota O.

“A small thing that gives a lot of joy. I use it regularly and I am delighted, it smoothes beautifully and does not irritate my skin. And as they are beautifully packaged, I always have a gift idea ready.”

Agnieszka K. / Nails Invidia